Search Engine Optimisation for Business


This course focuses on the anchor point of your digital marketing strategy which is your website or micro-site. Here we’ll explore search engine optimisation ‘SEO’ and how you can use this to drive traffic to your website.


Right now, potential customers will be searching for your products and services ‐ and if they don’t find their way to your site, you could be deferring them to a competitor. Imagine if your website could rank above your competitors’, using the kind of search terms that turn your visitor traffic into revenue. When it’s done well, search engine marketing can give search engines exactly what they need to put your website in a prime position on Search Engine Results Pages.

The key is understanding what search engines need ‐ and since 90% of all searches in the UK are via Google, this pretty much means understanding Google. This online Search Engine Optimisation E-Learning course will explain the proven techniques that will help you reach and maintain the number one results spot.


Online Search Engine Optimisation for Business Course Target Audience

This Search Engine Optimisation for Business E-Learning course is a great induction course in relation to using Search Engine Optimisation for your Business needs as it covers a wide range of topics in some detail.

Search Engine Optimisation for Business E-Learning Advantages

This Search Engine Optimisation for Business Online E-Learning Course is approved by CPD

Online training is flexible, efficient, and cost-effective, meaning the candidate can progress through the modules at their own pace and in their own time to fit the training in around their work and personal life.

Duration of the course

80 minutes

Search Engine Optimisation for Business Modules

Introduction to SEO
Link Building
On‐Site SEO
Social Media as part of SEO
Local Search
Pay Per Click (PPC)


80 mins

CPD Units



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